Monthly Technical Meetings

Monthly Technical Meeting – THURSDAY, May 20,  2021


Monthly Technical Meeting


20 May 2021 at 5-7PM

The Landmark Hotel Bangkok


Topic “TBA”

Baker Hughes


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Monthly Technical Meeting – Upcoming Talks

20 May 2021: Monthly Technical Meeting, Baker Hughes - TBA

25 Jun 2021: Distinguished Lecturer Program, TBA, SPE DL Semi Virtual Tour

15 Jul 2021: SPE/AIPN Monthly Technical Meeting

19 Aug 2021: Monthly Technical Meeting - SPE YP Contest Winner and Runner up

16 Sep 2021: SPE Season Opening - Speaker TBA

Monthly Technical Meeting – Previous Talks

(All recording are available at SPE Thailand YouTube Channel)

18 Mar 2021: Monthly Technical Meeting, Pairoj Kaweeyanun, President - Chevron Thailand “The future of Energy”

18 Feb 2021: Monthly Meeting, Dr. Thana Slanvetpan, General Manager - AI and Robotics Ventures ”Embracing AI & Robotics Technology at PTTEP``

21 Jan 2021: Distinguished Lecturer Program, John de Wardt, SPE DL Semi Virtual Tour “Drilling Automation is Here: Propagation, Pitfalls, Profits & Production”

17 Dec 2020: Monthly Meeting, Marshall Hood, Marshall Hood, Chief Operating Officer - Natural Resources, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited ”Majors Out; What learnings can be taken from the North Sea to allow SE Asia to prosper”

19 Nov 2020: SPE Distinguished Lecturer Program, John Clegg, SPE DL Virtual Tour “Well placement: Where we’re headed; why non-drillers should care

15 Oct 2020: Joint SPE-SPWLA, Ryan Lafferty, SPWLA “An integrated petrophysical evaluation to address low contrast pay in the GoT”

17 Sep 2020: Season Opening - SPE Thailand Monthly Technical Meeting 2020/21, Phongsthorn Thavisin, PTTEP ``Riding the Wave of Energy Disruption”

20 Aug 2020: Joint SPE-AIPN, Joseph Tomkiewicz, Tilleke & Gibbins “A Production Sharing Contract Overview Including Comments on Force Majeure and COVID Related Issues”

16 July 2020: Joint SPE-SEAPEX, Chris Morley and Sopon Pongwapee, PTTEP ”Igneous intrusion-related petroleum systems: Potential in Thailand”

18 Jun 2020: Monthly Meeting (Online webinars), Steven Allan Canny, Weatherford “Well barriers reinstatement during zonal isolation and well abandonment operations”

21 May 2020: SPE Distinguished lecturer (Online Webinars), Gabor Hursan, Saudi Aramco ”Magnetic resonance technology, from medical to the oil industry

23 Mar 2020: SPE Distinguished lecturer, Susan Howes, Subsurface Consultants - Canceled ”Toolkit for making better decision when faced with ethical dilemmas”

20 February 2020 Thu - SPE Thailand E&P Awards Ceremony (No Monthly Technical Meeting)

16 January 2020 Thu - Hai Liu, Schlumberger, ``Development of Organic Shales Outside North America`` (DL Talk but not formal DL Program)

Monthly Technical Meeting

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STUDENTS are admitted FREE to these meetings with advanced registration.