Benefits of Membership

The SPE Thailand Section was established in Bangkok in 1980. The Section organizes Monthly Meetings, a Young Professional Presentation Contest and an Annual E&P Awards competition. Our Monthly Meetings usually focus on technical subjects relevant to the region. SPE Membership is not only for Petroleum Engineers. Any professional active in the oil and gas industry is encouraged to join. Students interested in our industry can join for free.

The main benefits of joining the SPE in Thailand are:

Regular Monthly Meetings in Bangkok

SPE Distinguished Lecturers visiting from overseas

Connection with Industry Professionals and Students in Thailand

Present a technical paper and share knowledge with your peers

Receive email updates and access to a local and global website

Participate in our local competitions

Become eligible for an SPE Student Scholarship

Access to the OnePetro Online Library with over 80,000 papers

Global integration with SPE Country Sections and Student Chapters

Opportunities to build industry relationships and support the general public

Participation in regional and international conferences and workshops

Knowledge and Experience

The SPE provides a worldwide forum for the exchange of technology to meet the world’s energy needs both today and in the future. SPE members from every oil- and gas-producing region share their knowledge and experience through SPE conferences and exhibitions, workshops, journals and books, short courses, and local section meetings. Becoming a member of SPE gives you new opportunities to benefit from this worldwide exchange of ideas and to become a contributor to the profession through the Society’s programs and activities.

SPE is the professional home for more than 90,000 engineers, scientists, and managers working in the oil and gas E&P industry. SPE provides the information, the network, the opportunities, and the technology you need. Send your application for SPE membership today.