2017 E & P Awards

SPE Thailand Exploration and Production
Annual Awards Program 2017

Get a taste of this great SPE Thailand E&P Awards Night by watching the below video.

The 2017 awards have closed and we look forward to the next awards session in 2019.

Thailand E&P Awards Program Chair
SPE Thailand Section

2017 Thailand Exploration and Production Award

Winner Project Company


LEAN Mobile Production Facility to Unlock Marginal Oil Resources


Finalist Noble Practice in Delaying Water Breakthrough and Improving Gas Recovery to Prolong Gas Supply to Thailand PTTEP
Finalist Mooring Chain Inspection by Mini-ROV OPHIR ENERGY
Finalist Chasing waterflood opportunities in multi-layered reservoirs through an improved screening approach – The Waterflood Data Integration and Visualization Tool CHEVRON
Finalist Effective Logging with Non-standard Formation Tester (FT) Configuration SCHLUMBERGER
Finalist Innovative Material Testing Methodology and Positive Results on Carbon Steel Tubing Material in the Gulf of Thailand Condition PTTEP

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