2016 E & P Awards

SPE Thailand Exploration and Production
Annual Awards Program 2016

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For Submission or inquiries, please kindly send an email to nipatsin@pteplus.com or thailandsection@spemail.org

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Sincerely yours,
Nipatsin Yimyam
Thailand E&P Awards Program Chair
SPE Thailand Section

2016 Thailand Exploration and Production Award

Winner Project Company


Real Time Well Surveillance Project – Fiber Optic Surveillance


Finalist The First in The Upstream Industry Condensate Mercury Removal Unit CHEVRON
Finalist New Workflow for Handling Uncertainty in Field Development Plan PTTEP
Finalist Erawan – Baanpot Interfunnel Project CHEVRON
Finalist Construction: A Sustainable Future A Case Study On The ALC1.BLC1 Cost Optimization Campaign PTTEP
Finalist Fast Track Pressure Test Validation Gulf of Thailand PTTEP

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