Scholarship 2018

Submission deadline for scholarships was on October 15, 2018. Thanks for all the submissions. The winners have now been announced and you can access the link on the HOME PAGE. Congratulations to all the Students !! If you are a winner, there is a Receipt Form below to send in when requested.

2018 Program Objectives

SPE Thailand Section provides financial support to students studying in Bachelor Degree of any major and intend to join the petroleum exploration and production industry after graduation.

Financial supports are provided by the SPE Thailand Foundation. Awards have been made to several academic institutions in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Through this effort, SPE Thailand assures the industry maintain strong partnership with the universities for development of the emerging talents that will form the core of the industry in the years to come.

Scholarship Program

Studying bachelor degree of any majors in a university or a college

Intend to work in Petroleum Exploration and Production industry

Thai National

Past recipients are also entitled to apply

To apply, please download and fill an application form at the bottom of this page.

Send application form to

2017 Scholarship results

No Full Name No Full Name No Full Name No Full Name
1 Peangpanngam Tongrakkao 2 Ronagrit Sakuntanak 3 Thanawat Rodrid 4 Adiruj Udomsak
5 Anapat Petchpud 6 Anukul Prateeppornnarong 7 Atikhun Boonchian 8 Autchamaporn Rakkarn
9 Patcharaporn Petchdee 10 Pattanan Thamrujikul 11 Peach Pusamlidlert 12 Pitchaya Hotarapavanon
13 Pongpat Chinaramrungruang 14 Pornvut Pipatanadejsak 15 Puyncharas Rerksungket 16 Salintip Udomsirinanchai
17 Thanyaboon Sudhasirikul 18 Weerapat Lokatekrawee 19 Wiriya Thienthanukit 20 Yannawut Kimnaruk
21 Phoomphavis Boonsrirojna 22 Pornpan Tawongchai 23 Sarita Daraman 24 Atichart Manohoratat
25 Nutkitti Thavornsettawat 26 Panaya Apivantanaporn 27 Wuttichat Sailabath 28 Ketsaree Pipatvanit
29 Napatsorn Techopas 30 Anusara Thiamphol 31 Kasidit Thangyucharoen 32 Patcharapon Sudtinan
33 Rattapon Suebsing 34 Samaphon Phromsamlee 35 Suwaphit Chamwon 36 Tantep Chomsakorn
37 Woravit Chotphornphakorn 38 Lalitphat Suppraphakorn