Prince of Songkla University


Prince of Songkla University Student Chapter was officially established on March 7, 2016 by collaboration between SPE Thailand Section and Department of Mining and Materials Engineering. Nowadays, the chapter has about 70 student members from several majors. Our mission is to provide the opportunity for students from southern Thailand to connect with oil and gas industry professionals, and learn more about the industry. We advertise SPE events and the scholarship to our members and organize activities to improve their technical and social skills, which give us valuable human resources that can drive the industry in the future

Number of PSU SPE members are 51 .

List of Committees

President - Rawirot Chuprasoet

Vice President - Patompoom Kuadthong

Secretary - Kamonluk Nulong

Membership Chairperson - Natthanon Singyamuang

Treasurer - Sirikan Pomporn

Social Activities Chair - Anantad Chusirat

Communications Chairperson - Sharif Duereh

Faculty Liaison - Pantawee Pantaweesak

Faculty Advisor - Manoon Masniyom

Communications Chairperson - Suphakarn Samathi

Student Chapter Email :

Activity of our club/Activity for our member

we had been publicize SPE's news.

we created good activity for our member.

Activities Summary (Apr 2017 – March 2018)

25 November 2017

We serve SPE in November

20 January 2018

SPE Orientation  :  SPE Grand opening 2018 provides information of SPE to participants about SPE , activities in this year and invites them for applying to be our members.

5-21 February 2018

Hello  World : Hello world project invites lecturer for improves English skills especially communication in daily life , working , and others. This skills is very important in presently. We must to improve our skills to global demand. Mr.Tola Adesola Julius is good teacher in English. He is very kind and friendly.We think he can teach and improve us better in English skills.And we have pre-test and post-test for measure our English skills to make sure that our participants get better skills from our project. Conditions for our class are parcitipants must pass our post-test and don’t missed class more than 2 times.Otherwise they must pay fee for themselves.